Never shop at Reiss - no refunds and bad service

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Wanting to invest in a good winter coat, I bought one from Reiss for £295. I decided to return it after 2 days as it felt snug and looked too long on me. I took it to the branch at the bottom end of Longacre road (close to Leicester Sq, London) only to be told very rudely by the shop assistant Lorraine that I couldn't return or get a credit note for the item as I had worn it. She did not inpsect the item or look at my receipt. Reiss stipulate that in order to return the item and get a credit note (no refund available), the item needs to be in the same condition it was in when bought and any exchanges or return for credit note needs to be within 14 days of purchase, stipulations which I had adhered to. Knowing that there was another Reiss on the top end of Longacre Road (closer to Covent Garden), I left without an argument and tried there only to be informed that Lorraine had called the manager at the second store to warn him about my trying to return a worn item! He in turn was offensive to me from the get-go. After explaining to the manager there about the way Lorraine has spoken to me and after he took a look at the jacket (which still had its tag on and was in pristine condition) and compared it to one hanging on the clothes rail, he apologised and issued me with a credit note. I've never felt more humiliated and not to mention cheated out of my money. Definitely not what I expected from what I mistakenly thought was a more distinguished retailer. I'll never shop there again.

Reiss clothes shop not caring about customer satisfaction

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I bought a dress and a cardigan from Reiss which i paid them extra to alter. The alteration was faulty so i had to spend time going back to the store and even driving to the tailors to get it fixed.

After sveral attempts i decided to get my money back as i had wasted so much time trying to get it right. I also had a wedding to attend that weekend so i was desperate to get an outfit to wear.

After much arguing and crying in store the shop assistant finally agreed to refund me the money for the dress, however they would only give me a credit note for the cardigan which cost me £79 as it didn't have a fault.

I wrote them a letter to complain as i was so cross about not getting the full refund. I also wanted compensation for all the time i had waisted trying to get it fixed. They wrote back saying they could not give me my money back and didn't even offer me compensation!



Reiss is one of the WORST companies I have ever known.I bought a top from them online and returned it in good faith as it was totally unsuitable to receive it back the next week saying it hadn't been returned in the correct condition.

What they did with it I do not know but it was sent back perfectly fine.

I've spoken to a few friends about this, commen consensus is Reiss is over priced and under quality.Buy elsewhere.

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